Cremation Packages

Cremation Packages

Eternity - Direct "Simple" Cremation

All packages include free website posting



Professional services of a licensed director and staff, initial consultation with family to determine needs. Securing all information and vital statistics for acquiring Connecticut Death Certificate. Acquiring necessary permits for cremation and or burial. Coordination with Medical Examiner.


Transfer of deceased from or hospital to our facility
(transfer from home & State Medical Examiner Additional $125.00)


Transfer to crematory


Alternative Container for cremation

Eternity Package - $899.00

Third-Party fees
Cremation fee of $420.00
State Medical Examiners fee - $150.00
Cremation & Burial Permit- $10.00
Total - Third Party Fees- $ 580.00

Total- Direct Cremation Package and Third-Party Fees- $1,479.00


 Other Services Offered

Preparation of Remains

Refrigeration after 48 hour holding period (per day) $75.00
Dressing & casketing of remains: $95.00
Minimum Preparation for ID $225.00



Transfer of remains to our facility $250.00
Transfer to Crematory $105.00
Additional Transfer from Home & State Medical Examiner Office $250.00
Service/ vehicle $250.00
Additional assistance for home transfer  $175.00
Hand deliver Cremated Remains (within 25 Miles)



Use of Facilities and Staff

Use of our facility for memorial gathering/wake (up to 4 hours ) $1400.00
ID Viewing (up to 5 people ) $195.00


Alternative Container $125.00
Deceased over 300 LBS alternative container upgrade $195.00


Cash Advance Items (Non-Mountain Oak related could apply in some cases)

Certified Death Certificates (for insurance, other purposes) $20 per copy
Placement of Obituaries in newspapers, online- quote by publication
Burial Permit/Cremation Permit $10.00
Medical Examiner Fee $150.00
Crematory Fee (Mountain Grove Crematory) $420.00
Mailing of Cremated Remains                                            $100.00

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