Cremation Form Information

You can access/download the following forms listed below by click on them and fill them out appropriately by following the instructions following the documents.

  1. Fillable Statistical Sheet
    This information will help us fill out the death certificate and other paperwork. Please fill out to the best of your ability.

  2. CT Cremation Permit
    Please sign and fill out part 3 / Custodian of Body ONLY.

  3. Crematory Authorization
    Please sign and fill out bottom of form ONLY.

  4. Statement
    Please sign highlighted area ONLY.
    * other costs may apply

  5. Cremation Authorization
    Please sign/answer highlighted area ONLY.


Once completed, you may e-mail or fax us the documents at which we will then get you an itemized breakdown of costs/contract (per the State of CT): or or fax: (203) 348-8599.

If you have any questions regarding the paperwork, please call us at (203) 595-5835

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